Catherine McAuley Nursing School

About us

Catherine McAuley Nursing School., a leading training institution in nursing education, innovation, research and professionalism in Africa trains spiritually upright nurse professionals who can provide timely compassionate nursing services, and quality health care to patients and families.

The institution seeks to provide Holistic Nursing Education with a difference through the following Programmes:-
  • Kenya Registered Midwifery (KRM).
  • Kenya Registered Nursing (KRN).
  • Kenya Registered Critical Nurses (KRCCN)
  • Short Courses e.g. BLS, ACLS, ATCS etc and tailor made courses.
The institution has well qualified faculty members with specialties suited to the programmes offered; and is sufficient resourced with the state of the art teaching facilities and equipments. Furthermore, plans are ongoing to broaden the scope of programmes offered to provide opportunity to specialize in the nursing field by increasing the numbers of specializations in the post-basic nursing profession and create a powerful workforce e.g. Renal, Theatre, Anaesthetic etc. This will also address the purpose of the school that is pecked on keeping in line with the mission of Sisters of Mercy which is to educate the marginalized of the society.

Courses Offered


OCTOBER/APRIL Kenya Registered Midwifery (KRM) September october Every Year
Kenya Registered Nursing (KRN) March April every year
Kenya Registred Community Health Nurse(KRCHN) March April every year
Kenya Registered Critical Nurses (KRCCN) March April every year