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The Mater Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was commissioned in October 1995 with a capacity of nine beds covering both Intensive Care and High Dependency.The High Dependency Unit takes care of patients who are transiting from ICU to wards as well as patients who require close monitoring but not necessarily in ICU. The ICU Unit is conveniently located directly above the Accident and Emergency Unit and next to the main operating theatres.
It is equipped to manage all types of emergency cases ranging from:

The Intensive Care Unit is equipped with: All equipment is kept in working condition and is classified as Code 1 on the scale of maintenance priority. The unit is backed by the support of both the biomedical engineer and the maintenance department who are on call 24 hours a day.The UPS support backed up by two independent standby generators ensures constant supply of power to the ICU and HDU.

Educational and Training

The ICU has a Library with current critical care journals and text books and Internet access to critical medicine websites and journal materials. A lot of effort is being made to continually train Critical Care Nurses overseas to keep up with technological advances in Critical Care of patients.