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Hospital Wards

This is primarily the caring relationship between a nurse and the person in their care.

The Nurse is the best friend of a patient and is expected to maintain that impression of courage, dignity and professionalism to enable Patients meet the hospital situations that involve pain, anxiety and physical dignity. At the hospital, we pride ourselves in having well trained nurses who providequality nursingcare in the various specialties of medical care including Pre and Post operativecare, maternity, critical care, dialysis, counseling, wound management and general nursing care.

With a bed capacity of 176, the hospital is capable of accommodating all types of patients.They include:

  • General ward bed(which has a bed, locker, visitors chair and common TV Room),
  • Private rooms (with wash basins and TV)
  • En-suite rooms (which are self contained and fitted with TV).

The wards have 24 hour security guards and CCTV Surveillance to ensure the safety of our patients. Fire and smoke detectors have also been installed and escape routes clearly marked.

The Nursing administration together with the management of the hospital is making every effort to assure patientshave a comfortable stay and quick recovery in our facility. The hospital has completed an upgrade programme for all the hospital beds and bedside lockers to guaranteethis comfort.

Our nursing areas are laid out as follows:-

The wards offer nursing care to patients with surgical conditions. Nurses in these wards posses special skills in post-operative nursing care. Our Lady’s Corridor (OLC) admitsmale surgical patients while Lourdel admits female surgical patients.

The wards offer nursing care to patients with general medical conditions. St. Josephs ward admits female and male medical patients.

As Mater Hospital celebrates its golden Jubilee,we are happy to announce the opening of McAuley ward,a 31 bed with 9 ensuites rooms. This brings our total bed capacity to 174 and should enable us cater for the growing number of clients.

St Marys wards offer nursing care to expectant womenwith pregnancy related conditions. It includes Labour and delivery rooms and conveniently located Obstetrics Theatre. The ward is well equipped with modern obstetric equipment for monitoringmothers during labour.Rooming in is encouraged to help mother and baby to bond. Qualified midwives are there to continuously educate and assist mothers through the delivery process. They undergo monthly educational sessions to keep up with changing trends in Obstetric Nursing Care.

The Newborn Unit caters for well baby and premature babies. We pride ourselves for being a unique newborn unit that has been able to nurse preterm babies of 600gms, 700gms and 800gms – bringing a smile to their mothersfaces.

The 16 bedded Paediatrics Unit is a spacious ward that accommodates both mother and child. The friendly atmosphere created by the Arts In Medicine Programme a therapeutic way of facilitating quick recovery of the children through painting, music, plays and dance that makes them have a homely experience away from home.Children hate boredom and to be tied down. The Arts In Medicine programme makes their stay atthe hospital interesting and funfilled.

The Mater Hospital Intensive Care Unit is a state of the art Critical Care Unit – the best design in the country. The Intensive Care Unit, High Dependency Unit, Renal Unit offer nursing care to critically ill patients. These are fitted with special life saving devices that provide quick and life saving interventions to patients.

Nurses in these unit are trained in Critical Care Nursing and majority of them have undergone training in the care of post open heart surgery to patients.

Nurses also facilitate proper management of inpatients in our Theatres,Catheterization Laboratory, Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy and all other medical units of the hospital-nurses will be waiting to care for you because while in the ward you may visit several units of the hospital and not just the ward.