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The Hospital Physiotherapy Unit is a modern and fully equipped unit with full time qualified and dedicated physiotherapists. The unit strives to prevent disabilities, enhance development, relieve pain, restore and improve motor functions of the body. Our services are administered to both inpatients and outpatients and they include:-

Occupational Therapy |Pressure garment fitting following burns | Mobility Aids and Orthopaedic Appliances

Modalities used:-

  • Therapeutic exercises – aimed at improving joint mobility, muscle tone, strength and function
  • Electrotherapy – includes ultrasound, TENS, IFT, shortwave diathermy etcaims at muscle relaxation, pain relief, nerve stimulation and increased circulation
  • Cryotherapy – use of ice and ice packs. In acute conditions it reduces pain and swelling.
  • Thermotherapy heat therapy includes continuous shortwave diathermy, warm packs and infra red rays. This improves circulation, relieves pain and enhances healing
  • Therapeutic manipulation and Manual therapy- done manually or by traction or mechanical massage- induces relaxation ,breaks muscle tension and adhesion
  • Measuring and fitting post burns pressure garments
  • Splinting – dynamic, static etc
  • Prosthesis /orthosis
  • Post mastectomy bra/foam

Equipment for hire

Walking frame

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday 7.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm
Sunday and public holidays are closed to outpatients
There is a physiotherapist on call at all times. Outpatients are seen on appointment.

For more information please contact
Physiotherapy Manager
Tel . +254 20 6903000 ext 3113 or +254 20 6903113/2/4