Mater Cardiac Program

Brief Overview

The Mater Cardiac Program begun 20 years ago, when Mater Misericordiae Hospital realized that very little cardiac work of good quality was being carried out in the country. Patients who were financially endowed had to go overseas for treatment. Large majority, many of them children, had no recourse to quality Medicare and were destined to a sickly life and premature death.

Mater Misericordiae Hospital therefore, started a cardiac program in 1995 to cater for children from economically disadvantaged background and the first open-heart surgery was performed in 1996. This was in line with the Values of the Sisters of Mercy, which emphasize on compassion for all and seek to uplift the lives of the underprivileged in society. To date over 3000 heart procedures have been performed courtesy of the support from well-wishers, sponsors and doctors.

Rheumatic Heart Disease(RHD) Screening

In 2008 we started free cardiac outreach screening camps all over the country to screen for heart ailments and educate the community about the acquired heart disease, which is preventable, but could lead to death if ignored.

Cardiac Missions

Mater Misericordiae Hospital has over the years held successful Cardiac missions where many cardiac ailing patients have benefited from open heart surgeries and other Cardiac intervention procedures. These surgeries and interventions are performed by our local doctors in collaboration with visiting Surgeons from different countries such as Slovakia Republic, India and the United Kingdom. This collaboration and interaction between our doctors and the visiting doctors has been an avenue where exchange of skills and expertise has been possible. The surgeries require specialized trainings, investing in modern and sophisticated machines and a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Indeed it takes a calling and selflessness to be compassionate and give hope.
the Cardiac Missions include;