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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

The Mater Hospital has the mission to deliver timely and compassionate medical services to our patients and their families to the highest possible standard through the provision of qualified staff, the most appropriate equipment and staff training programmes. The hospital also seeks to contain its cost of operation such that the cost of medical care charged to patients remain as low and affordable as possible to as many patients as possible and such that the viability of the hospital, employment and investment are maintained inline with the ethos of the Sisters of Mercy Kenya.

The Mater Hospital is committed to be a leading healthcare provider in East and Central Africa and benchmark itself against the highest attainable world standards seeking continuous improvement. Quality Objectives Our quality Objectives are to continually improve the satisfaction of our patients with regard to: Effectiveness of service in meeting the needs of our patients The timeliness with which our services are offered These objectives are evaluated through analysis of data obtained through patient evaluation, process performance and service non conformance.

The Mater Hospital was founded in 1962 by Sisters of Mercy, it was converted to a non-profit Trust and the Sisters continue to oversee the administration of the hospital as Trustees and to participate in the Governing meetings and various operational parts of the hospital.
By virtue of its origin and its continuing inspiration, The Mater Hospital is a Catholic hospital and the health care philosophy is rooted in the values, morals, ethics and teachings of the Catholic Church. Namely:

  • The sacredness of life from conception to death.
  • The dignity and worth of each person regardless of race, sex, creed or social status.
  • The unique position of the family in society, its central role in the promotion of holistic health, which we strive to enhance and support.
  • Compassion for the sick, suffering and grieving.
  • Concern for social justice and poor.
  • The provision of quality health care which acknowledges health in wholeness and which requires an openness to new ideas and developments.
  • Treating members of staff with dignity and respect by providing an environment for good working relationships through personal approach and presence.
  • An approach to care which is faith centered, committed to the spiritual, physical and psychological wholeness of the person, and provides a channel through which the merciful healing love of Christ is transmitted.